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We Develop & Design Mobile Apps, Learning Management Systems, eCommerce Stores, Web Applications and Websites.

Location: Bryanston, Sandton

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Our Services

From product design right through to deployment, we're by your side. Our team of engineers are well equipped to write the magic code you need for your product to work and they will setup the environment needed to run your software effortlessly.

Product Design

Sometimes it all just comes together, most times it doesn't. Our team of specialist product designers constantly push their limits to create usable products which changes lives.

  • Prototype
  • Interactive Design
  • Create useful products

User Experience

Information needs to be in your pocket at all times and it's access should be easy. We only design what's best for end users. If a product can't be used by a toddler, we won't ship it.

  • Install app
  • Register an account
  • Start being productive

Problem Solving

Technology is useless if it doesn't solve a problem or make your life easier. We love working with clients who want to build products and platforms for the greater good of humankind.

  • Ideas into code
  • Help entire nations
  • Make a difference in the world

Our Product

By specilising in development of the products below, we are not only helping businesses grow but making information accessible to their many users who previously wouldn't have had access to it.

Native Android & iOS Apps

Native Android & iOS Apps

We can build a custom mobile app for your business from scratch or you can opt to whitelabel one of our ready-made apps and we will add the necessary customisations for you.

Open EdX & Moodle eLearning

Open EdX & Moodle eLearning

Our online solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. We can implement gamification, eCommerce, certification and many more features.

Magento & WooCommerce Stores

Magento & WooCommerce Stores

Whether you're starting a small store or taking your established business online we have the right solution for you. We will develop all features and supply the hardware to operate smoothly.

More Benefits

South African owned with a Level 1 B-BBEE status. Our design & development teams only use the latest technologies which have been proven successful.
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We love technology

Our genuine love for technology keeps us ahead of the rest. We constantly research and test new technologies and implement them as soon as we feel the time is right. We belive technology should make life easier.

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We stretch boundries

Boundries or limitations prevent solutions, and we're all about solutions. This is why even when we face technical problems we always find a good way to work around them and roll out features that are useful to people.

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We design extraordinary

Design can make or break a product. We start with the way we think and then form hypothesis and test our ideas. This allows us to produce interactive mock-ups which eventually turn into great designs.

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We grow businesses

The businesses we work with usually share interests and values which are common to us too. Because of this, we often get involved in the marketing of our customers' products and help them provide value to their clients.

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We communicate clearly

When it comes to tech companies, many employees use too much jargon and talk about stuff their clients don't understand. We explain everything in simple terms so you always know exactly what you're paying for.

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We are artists first

We love doing our jobs, and you will see this in the work we produce. Our passion enables us to transform a simple idea into a scalable product with many of it's features automated. Our work truly is our art.

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